Control product placement, branding with a corrugated POP display

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Store managers love corrugated point of purchase displays. It allows the product to arrive already set up and ready to sell, with very little assembly or stocking time required.

Plus corrugated point of purchase, or POP displays allow manufacturers to control product placement, branding and display to ensure the product presentation fits within their brand no matter what retailer is selling it.

Jed Miller, the structural designer at Hurst Manufacturing, often works with companies to create custom corrugated POP displays to showcase our clients’ products.

Recently he worked with a company that sold hammers that came with a pry bar in the packaging. The company sent Miller a sample of the product in the packaging it is sold in, told him how many units should be in the entire display.

Then Miller set to work, designing a corrugated POP display that met the manufacturer’s specifications, while displaying the product in the best way from an aesthetic and organizational standpoint to get as many units on one layer as possible.

Once the display was done, the company provided artwork to print on the POP display to increase brand recognition.

Miller has also designed corrugated POP displays for a greenhouse to hold pants that can be viewed from all four sides, as well as a sink display.

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Providing solutions for other corrugated packaging manufacturers

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Every piece of machinery for Hurst Manufacturing uses to create corrugated pallets and boxes was custom-built for us. The custom production line allows Hurst Manufacturing to work as a subcontractor for other corrugated manufacturers that are not able to complete an entire order in-house.

For example, we often take on jobs from other corrugated manufacturers that need to have a box glued, folded and unitized, but the box is either too small or too large for their equipment.

Hurst Manufacturing’s compression belt can be customized to fit a wide range of dimensions and specifications, including those needed to create autobottom boxes, enabling us to finish the job for the other corrugated manufacturers.

Before working with Hurst, these companies would have to walk away from the business because they could not complete the entire project in-house.

We also complete buildups and POP displays for other corrugated manufacturers so they can fulfill their client’s orders.

At Hurst Manufacturing we have an impeccably fast turnaround on orders. Often we are able to turn around an order in a day, allowing the companies we work with to fulfill rush orders quickly.

Also, since we are manually feeding the corrugated units through our machines, Hurst Manufacturing is able to check the quality of the corrugated material of each piece, ensuring the companies we work with and their customers never receive a product that is substandard.

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Going beyond the standard: Custom packaging materials in any color

Hurst Manufacturing’s specialty is creating lightweight, durable ALL CORR Pallets. But while our standard pallet may be brown and plain, that doesn’t mean our customers are limited to just this one option.

ALL CORR pallet materials can be flood coated, a process that turns the kraft material any color of the rainbow. Our customers can choose a simple kraft color, or they can color-match to their company’s branding.

A logo or any text can also be added to the pallet in a separate color to keep with the company’s brand identity.

While Hurst Manufacturing does not provide this service in-house, we do work with our corrugated materials distributor to create this custom look. This saves our clients the time and hassle of dealing with multiple companies to create one product.

Creative Packaging Associates, a division of Hurst Manufacturing, can also act as a contractor on behalf of our clients to create branded shipping and packaging materials. Tape, bags, corner board, it all can be customized to include a logo printed in custom colors. All our customers have to do is provide us with the artwork they want to use, and we take care of the rest.

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How to Pack It: One-stop location for packaging materials, corner board

Creative Packaging, a division of Hurst Manufacturing, is a distributor of packaging materials such as corner board, stretch wrap and carton sealing tape.

We procure these items on behalf of our customers so they can save time by getting all their shipping and packaging material needs fulfilled in one place. We keep some items in stock at all times to fulfill orders as they come in, and others are ordered to fit the customer’s exact shipping needs.

For example we always have a supply of carton sealing tape, bubble wrap and stretch wrap on hand for customers that need these items right away. We have other customers who give us a blanket purchase order for which we bring their items into our warehouse for release at a later date.

Corner board, also known as an edge protector, is one custom item we regularly order on behalf of our clients. Corner board is an excellent way to protect the edges of a load during shipment and help stabilize the load. Not only does corner board protect fragile edges from being damaged during shipment, it also protects against other packaging materials, such as tight strapping.

Corner board comes in all different lengths and sizes and Creative Packaging can order it to fit almost any dimensions our clients may need.

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Custom-built machines speed up production, keep costs low

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When it comes time to get a new machine to make corrugated pallets and shipping materials, we can’t just pick up a catalog and order. That’s why every machine at Hurst Manufacturing is custom-built for our processes. Read on to find out how our custom-built production units speed up efficiency and keep costs down for our clients.

Pallet Machine speeds up production

The Hurst Manufacturing Pallet Machine is a one-of-a-kind, created specifically for our production needs and processes.

The machine is designed to assemble the components of a pallet by folding and gluing together to make the lightweight, but extremely durable corrugated pallets we manufacture for our clients.

Using technology, we input custom settings and continue the automated processes for specialty jobs as well.

The time Hurst saves with the Pallet Machine, allows our company to produce more pallets per hour, filling orders faster and passing the savings onto our customers.

Core Winder controls product quality

The cores that give the corrugated pallet its strength don’t start out looking like cores at all. The cores arrive at Hurst Manufacturing as a flat sheet of perforated corrugated board.

Then we insert the sheet into the Core Winder, which folds, glues and breaks apart the cores, making 3,600 per hour.

By keeping this part of pallet production in-house with a custom-built machine, Hurst Manufacturing is able to control product quality and cost for our customers.

Compression Belts provide solutions

At Hurst Manufacturing, we often work as a contractor for clients that create corrugated products, but do not have the equipment in-house to complete the steps of folding and gluing the final product together.

That’s where the Compression Belt can help. Our three custom-built Compression Belts aid in the of folding and gluing of corrugated boxes and displays, allowing our clients to take on work the business would have to walk away from without our finishing services.

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How to Pack It: Making sure drums don’t take a beating

At Creative Packaging, a division of Hurst Manufacturing, we often encounter customers who are trying to find safe ways to ship their products. One of our latest clients proved to be a special challenge.

A small business owner came to us for help in packaging his custom-made drums. These are not your typical snare and base that you imagine as part of a drum kit. His drums come in all different shapes and sizes. Some have a rounded base and pointed tips that would poke through typical shipping materials.

Creative Packaging helped him come up with a solution that would keep the drum protected during shipment. We started with a heavy-duty corrugated box for shipping. We made sure the box was just big enough for the drum so that it wouldn’t move around too much during shipment. Then we wrapped the drum in some heavy-duty foam to protect the tips and keep them from poking through the corrugated box.  Finally, we added an additional layer of foam to help protect the drum even more, keeping it secure and preventing scratching during shipment.

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